Raul Cabrera


Associate Professor
Department of Horticultural Sciences  
Texas A&M University
1619 Garner Field Road  |  Uvalde, TX  78801 

PH: 830-278-9151 ext. 246  | FAX: 830-278-1570



Raul Cabrera Photo for website

Raul Cabrera received his BS in Horticulture from Universidad Autónoma Agraria “Antonio Narro” in Saltillo, México in 1986. He received his MS in Plant Physiology and PhD in Plant Biology from the University of California at Davis in 1992 and 1994, respectively. Dr. Cabrera has been a member of the Horticultural Sciences Department since 1999 and has been a member of the graduate faculty at Texas A&M University since 2000.  He was stationed at the Texas Agrilife Research and Extension Center in Dallas, and since 2012 he is stationed at the Texas Agrilife Research and Extension Center in Uvalde.

Dr. Cabrera conducts research on ornamental plant and crop physiology, mineral nutrition, fertilization and water management in intensively managed plants and crops (including nursery, floriculture, landscape, arboriculture). Current research emphasis deals with water quality and crop salinity tolerance, landscape water use and conservation, hydroponics and fertigation management; characterization of nutrient & water uptake and use efficiency in ornamental crops and landscape plants. He also maintains activities and collaborative projects with colleagues at international universities and institutes.  

“Green industry (nursery, greenhouse, landscaping, arboriculture) activities are distinguished for being intensively managed, requiring massive inputs of water, fertilizers, chemicals and labor. Dwindling water supplies and environmental pressures are severely challenging the operations and future of these industries. Research and educational activities in our program are aimed at evaluating and providing practical solutions to these challenges.”

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