Plant Picturepages

Horticulture is all about plants and people enjoying looking at pictures of plants for reference and ideas. With the help of many collaborators, we’ve assembled a few theme-oriented searchable databases for use in our classes and for the public to use and enjoy.


Texas Urban Landscape Guide
Texas Native Trees
Texas Native Shrubs
Texas Superstar™
Texas Superstar™ Plant Database
Landscape Plants
Crape Myrtles for Texas 



Wildflowers in Bloom
Cornell Herbaceous Perennials
Vegetative Annuals
Interiorscape Plants
Interior Plants Database
PLANTanswers Cactus Culture
Butterflies in bloom



Ornamentals for the Texas Gulf Coast
Ornamental Plants for Far West Texas
Greenhouse Photo Archive
Gallery of Fruits and Veggies
Vegetable Seed Information
USDA Pecan Database 


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